Since 1984 Pete and Marianne Smith have made a small business fitting lots of information into small spaces.  Until recently we worked mainly on producing ranges of educational goods for the customers shown on our client list.

Picturemaps - Kings and Queens

We’re called Picturemaps because our first project was a pictorial map and we still do them...

Picturemaps - the Stade, Hastings

Pictorial maps led us to doing detailed cross-sections - castles, museums, towers, boats, theatres...

Picturemaps - The Globe Theatre, London

Picturemaps style appeals to all ages and in recent years we’ve been doing more and more timelines.  We’ve always been a bit obsessed with trying to illustrate our place in history  - did the Romans come before or after the Tudors…?

Picturemaps - Timeline

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