Picturemaps is in the process of changing the way we work.  We now produce licensed illustrations for several UK companies.  So instead of selling whole manufacturing runs of bespoke merchandising to individual clients, we’ve made it possible to buy in much smaller quantities or even just one item from the following stockists.


We are delighted to be working with McLaggan Smith Mugs, a family business operating in Jamestown, a couple of miles from the shores of Loch Lomond in the West of Scotland. They provide an excellent service supplying bone china or porcelain mugs to our bespoke customers and in recent years, we have licensed many designs to them for general sale.

Picturemaps - licensed mugs
Kings & Queens
Picturemaps - licensed mugs
History of Art
Picturemaps - licensed mugs
Picturemaps - licensed mugs
British Street Architecture

Click here to view more of our designs and to purchase mugs from McLaggan Smith Mugs.


Kate at Bothy Threads approached us to ask if she could adapt some of our designs for cross-stitch kits.  We couldn’t believe that this would be possible, but the brilliant Kate has managed it and they sell really well.  Based in Cockermouth on the edge of the Lake District, England, Kate’s kits are sold all over the world. 

Click here to view our designs and purchase cross-stitch kits from Bothy Threads.

Picturemaps - Macbeth jigsaw puzzle


The Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company produces exquisitely crafted wooden jigsaws, all beautifully made in the UK. Picturemaps Shakespeare designs available on their popular micro sized jigsaw.

Click here to purchase our Wentworth Shakespeare’s Plays jigsaws.
N.B. Type into search box 'Shakespeare characters jigsaw'.

For enquiries about the new Shakespeare designs click here for Wentworth contact details.


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